Commercial Photo Gallery

Morning Meeting

In Midland, our crews are having their daily morning meeting. In this meeting, they go over the safety procedures, the work schedule for the day, and their goals for the project.

Apartment Water Damage

In Houston, this 13-floor apartment building suffered from some serious water damage caused by a pipe break. The affected materials on ever floor included the drywall, carpet, ceilings, and baseboards. 

Daycare Water Damage

In Spring, this daycare has some water damage due to a busted pipe in the ceiling. The busted pipe affected 5 rooms. 

We removed all the affected material and placed 20 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers.

Commercial Water Mitigaion

In spring, at Hopes Path, there was a toilet overflow in the upstairs bathroom, which affected both the upstairs and downstairs. 

Pictured is the kitchen, which had the most water damage downstairs. 

Water Damage at a Pre-School

In Tomball, this preschool had some water damage due to a busted pipe in the ceiling that froze during a freeze. We placed 60 air movers and 10 dehumidifiers to dry out all the affected rooms.

Apartment Water Damage

In Houston, this apartment unit had a small fire in the kitchen which caused the sprinklers to go off throughout the unit. We had to do a water mitigation in the entire unit. 

Roof Leak

In Spring, the owner believes the damage is from a roof leak during a heavy rain storm. There was only damage on the first floor in the two story building and a section of the ceiling fell in. 

Flood Waters

In Houston, the funeral home, which was located by a bayou, had some water come in the building during a storm. The entire building was affected from the flood water. We placed 16 dehumidifiers and 70 fan to help dry the building as quickly as possible.  

Commercial Building Fire Damage in Tomball, TX

Firefighters rush to this commercial building in the middle of the night. Fire was due to an electrical issue that firefighters put out with water. Fire and water damage is no issue for SERVPRO Spring/Tomball. 

2017 7th Annual SERVPRO Spring/Tomball Mud Bug Bash

Every year we celebrate with a Craw Fish boil and this year was our 7th Annual Bash! Excellent turn out as always! We love to see everyone come out and enjoy their time at this event!

2017 Warrior Benefit Clay Shoot

Every year SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball participates in the Warrior Benefit Clay Shoot and we support the military and our Troops. Our heroes are those who risk their lives everyday to protect our world and make it a better place.

We Love Our Crawfish & Shrimp!

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball enjoys festivities and this year it was no different. We had the pleasure of hosting our 6th ANNUAL MUD BUG BASH! This tradition started in 2011 and has just been ingrained in our business. We gather every spring with employees, families, and friends to eat some delicious seafood. For those who have never attended, its something you should place on your bucket list.