Recent Before & After Photos

Staircase Water Damage

In Missouri City, this home suffered a water damage from a bathtub leak. The major rooms affected rooms included the entry hall, stairwell, dining room, living ... READ MORE

Mold in Bedroom

This Houston family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated with the right experti... READ MORE

Fire Before and During

This family’s Leauge City home suffered from a fire which started in the garage. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but... READ MORE

Toilet Water Supply Line Damage

This family’s Houston residence experienced serious water damage after toilet supply line in master bathroom broke. SERVPRO of  Spring/Tomball has th... READ MORE

Washer Overflow

In Houston, this water damage was caused by a washer overflow. The washer machine overflow happened overnight and customer woke up to it so it had run for appro... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage

In Spring, this house suffered a water damage from the water heater in the attic. The drip pan overflowed which caused the ceiling to cave in. Majority of this ... READ MORE

Pipe Leak

In Conroe, the cause of loss is believed to be a pipe leak in the attic which could possibly be due to squirrel activity. The ceiling collapsed in the... READ MORE

Amazing Fire Damage Before & After!!

In Richmond, there was a fire in a bedroom caused by the grandson. The fire affected the bedroom it started in and 2 others, as well as the guest bathroom. The ... READ MORE

Mold Before and After

In Brenham, these before and after pictures were taken in a water heater closet. The water heater was old and the pipes were corroded. The Insurance C... READ MORE

Pipe Leak

In Katy, the cause of loss was due to a pipe leak from the master bathroom toilet on the first floor. The water affected the master bedroom and bathroom, laundr... READ MORE